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Welcome to Greengen Agri Biotech


Greengen Agri Biotech is one of the leading manufacturer & supplier of microbial based bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, growth promoters, probiotics. And the sole manufacturer of Pheromone traps in the North-East region. All the micobial strain are native to the region & the technology obtained from "AAU Jorhat". This makes our products prominent over others. With highly resistance and aggressive strain available Greengen Agri Biotech is consistently pushing the boundaries of research and development to deliver the best quality of biological products. We are committed to total customer satisfaction policy. This is achieved by providing its customers the highest quality products available along with the most responsive customer support services. Besides the quality, we always emphasis to supply at the most competitive prices in the market in order to cater & create the success of farmers.


Recent Updates

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                    TEA HELOPELTHIS

Our current research for developing pheromone based Bio-repellent against Tea Mosquitoe Bug, i.e., Helopelthis. One of the most devastating tea pest.



Weed is becoming a major problem to the farmers practicing organic farming. It caters the maximum problem in the monsoon, thus forcing the farmers to use chemical based weedicide. We are into Developing a organic based weedicide. 

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