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Botanical extract based Bio-pesticide

Green Looper contains a mixture of botanical extract that makes pests sick when they eat it. After the insects eat the bio agent, their guts rupture and they die. Therefore it is considered one of the safest natural pesticide for controlling, Bunch caterpillar, Red slug caterpillar looper caterpillar, lobster caterpillar, flush worm, cabbage looper, Diamondback moth, Tomato or Tobacco horn worm, and various caterpillar, of vegetables, fruits, Tea, flower nursery.


Mode of action

After the insects comes in contact with Green looper and ingests  the bio agent, their guts rupture and their life process ceases.

Method of Use & Dose

Drenching (Fertigation/ Drip irrigation): Mix 5 ml Green looper in 1 litre of water and drench in the root zone                                                                 (2-3 lit/acre by drip irrigation system)

With compost : Mix 3 lit Green Looper in compost and spread over a one-acre area.

Seed Treatment : Use 25-50 ml Green Looper to coat 1 kg seed

Foliar Spray : 2-3 ml Green Looper in 1 litre water and spray on plant.


Avoid using under direct sunlight.

Avoid using alkaline or acidic pH products.

Do not use in combination with chemical pesticides and fertilizer

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