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Scirpophaga Incertulas


Scirpophaga incertulas, the yellow stem borer or rice yellow stem borer, is a species of moth of the Crambidae family. After hatching, early instars bore into the leaf sheath and causing longitudinal yellowish-white patches as a result of feeding. Then it invades the stem of the rice plant and stays in the pith to feed on the inner surface of the stem wall. These are not externally visual as symptoms. Severe feeding causes a deep circular cut through the parenchyma tissue showing deadhearts at the vegetative stages and whiteheads at the reproductive stages. Due to heavy damage to rice throughout the world, many controlling measures are underway. Chemical, physical, and biological controls and many traditional methods are used to control the pest at any stage of its life cycle. 

Rice Yellow Stem Borer

Mode of action

It is the process of attracting the pest, and trapping those insects that damages the fruits.


Economically Affordable, easy to install and manage.

Pheromone traps are species-specific

Reduces the need for use of harmful pesticide and insecticides.

If installed at proper tiime. it can detect low numbers of insects infestation.

Non toxic and can be used all along the year.


One should use hand gloves / clean hand for handling lure

Avoid using alkaline or acidic pH products.

Do not use in combination with chemical pesticides and fertilizer

Picking Weeds
Rice paddy
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