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Botanical extract based Bio-pesticide

Bio Pestcon is a formulation of micro - organism, Beauveria bassiana, Paecilomyces lilacinus and botanical extract. It is a multipurpose pest controller, it is effective in controlling thrips, mites,     aphids,jassids, leaf miner, hopper, and all other sucking type pest. It provides long term protection against most sucking pest. It can be used both foliar and for soil. it kills soil born grubs and termites, thus protecting young sapling from soil borne insect pest. It also protects the plants from nemtodes.


Mode of action

Entomopathogenic fungi of Paecilomyces germinate on insect body, penetrate in cuticle and kills insects.

Method of Use & Dose

Drenching (Fertigation/ Drip irrigation): Mix 5 ml Biopestcon in 1 litre of water and drench in the root zone                                                                  (2-3 lit/acre by drip irrigation system)

With compost : Mix 3 lit Biopestcon in compost and spread over a one-acre area.

Seed Treatment : Use 25-50 ml Biopestcon to coat 1 kg seed

Foliar Spray : 2-3 ml Biopestcon in 1 litre water and spray on plant.


Avoid using under direct sunlight.

Avoid using alkaline or acidic pH products.

Do not use in combination with chemical pesticides and fertilizer

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