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Vericillium lecanii based Bio-pesticide

Mitez is a consortia of the entomopathogenic fungi verticillium lecanii,  and a naturally obtained mineral that controls most types of mites i.e., red spider, scarlet, yellow mite and violet mite. It is beneficial fungus having the ability to kill a broad spectrum of insectS including sucking insects, beetles, and caterpillars. Sticky spores of verticillium attached to insect cuticle and kill them by penetrating and consuming it. Mite pest causes considerable damage to the plants. Infestation starts along midrib and veins further spreads to the entire upper surface of leaves & destroys it. This fungus acts as a natural enemy to the mites and thus destroys their eggs and prevents their development.

Mode of action

Entomopathogenic fungal spores in Verticilium stick to insect body, germinate on an insect, penetrate in the cuticle and kills insects.

Method of Use & Dose

Drenching (Fertigation/ Drip irrigation): Mix 5 ml Mitez in 1 litre of water and drench in the root zone.

                                                              (2-3 lit/acre by drip irrigation system)

With compost : Mix 3 lit Mitez in compost and spread over a one-acre area.

Seed Treatment : Use 25-50 ml Mitez to coat 1 kg seed

Foliar Spray : 2-3 ml Mitez in 1 litre water and spray on plant.


Avoid using under direct sunlight.

Avoid using alkaline or acidic pH products.

Do not use in combination with chemical pesticides and fertilizer

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